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Anonymous asked: "yo! Καλό Πάσχα! aaand who's your shinee bias?"

Yo! Happy Easter to you too. My shinee bias is Jonghyun :3 but I also like Onew and Minho a lot

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Anonymous asked: "Don't you think it's about time Sm changes Yoona's hairstyle ... it's getting boring black & brown and that's it. I really like her hair in Genie although it was long it would've been X1000 times better. Long red hair she would've slayed T.T. Anyway what do you think about this and wht kind of hairstyle (including colour) would you like to see on Yoona ? Tnx in advance. Have a nice day ;)"

Generally snsd’s triplets have had the most plain hairstyles so far with Seohyun leading imo. I really like short hair on Yoona and genie is my favorite for her, followed by hoot and the boys. I really want her to go orange again but I also want her to try blonde. Her face is so gorgeous that anything looks good on her so they should experiment more on her. Look at Yul. Despite the outrageous weight loss during she looked fabulous with her semi blonde hair. I like the really long hair too but I feel like we’ve had enough of that already. And rn they make her look skinny and it’s getting creepy with all that weight already gone from her face

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to minho/sherlock anon

found the performances so i added your request

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Anonymous asked: "the way u reply to your anons and how patient you are is so cute!~ your anons are so nice and so are u, so nice i wanna hug u all :3"

lmao thank you? *huggles* <3

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